2012 Christmas Story in 100 Words

On Christmas Eve the miser, Able, declared, “I will never receive gifts. They’re based on reciprocity. Once received you must return, continuing even when the other person does not.”

That night he heard a noise, a fat man in red stood above him, “ah, my replacement,” said the man, punching Able in the face.

Able awoke in a large, icy, cavern. Eleven reindeer looked at him. He was dressed in the man’s red clothes. Beside him were presents, billions of them, one for every person who had lived and who ever would. All addressed to Able by his new name.

Nanowrimo 2012

I didn’t think I could do it…

I know I have uttered those words before about Nano, especially the last couple of years as my life has become super full of things to consume time with. But this year I really had a bad feeling.

This was borne out as November trundled along and I had failed stories, lack of time to write and home/work duites that just mounted up. By Friday 30th November the last day I was 17.2K words down from the target of 50K. I was right, it seemed, I couldn’t do it.

Then Leigh gave me an odd look and said that she was upset because we would no longer have the same Nano stats…

I had only had 4 hrs sleep, I had a busy day, but by the time 11:40 had rolled around I couldn’t get enough work done, or that damned comment out of my head. I also felt that I would be lacking if I didn’t give this the good old Keating insanity rush.

So I poured a lot of coffee into my system, thought about where the plot had to go and how to get there and started. I would make a charge and at least finish closer than 2/3rds…

‘I bwoke my bwain’, my fingers burned, but by 21:30 I had also done the near impossible in my mind, I had made it as the comeback kid. Nano 2012 was done and I was a winner…

Next year I have to do this differently 🙂

(I also have to finish this story…)

Currant Situation (Part Two)

Well, the situation became more interesting as we discovered it wasn’t so easy to get the raisin from Ben’s nose, so now we had to take him to Furness Hospital Children’s Unit, I assume that the Lancaster ward was full.

So we had to travel to Barrow, this is a round trip of about 100 miles from Lancaster.

We drove through rain (torrential) and then sun (glorious) along the South Lakes to be admitted to the Children’s ward. We had a brief assessment and then waited only 15 minutes to see the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist.

And he could see no raisin.

We held Ben down, a probe was stuck up the nose…no obstruction. There were two possible conclusions:

1. The raisin is hiding at the back of the nose out of sight (not very likely)

2. Ben has swallowed a delicious bogey-flavoured raisin

So, we have to wait, if it is still trapped somewhere he will start to discharge from the nose or develop a chest infection and we will have to return to the hospital. It is far more likely that he has eaten the raisin via his nose.

Oh well, it was a variance to what we had planned today…

For Nose Raisin (Part One)

(For No Reason)

We are currently sat in the Minor Incidents section, a very new section, of the Accident and Emergency Department at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

The reason we are here is because Benjamin has managed to jam a raisin up his left nostril.

To be fair, he told us that he had done so, by pronouncing Raisin and Nose just thirty minutes previously. We first asked a pharmacist who said that A&E was required.

We were initially seen in minutes so they could assess if it could be easily extracted. This is not the case, as the juicy beggar is jammed in there tight.

So now they have to render him unconscious so they can go in and extract the raisin.

While we wait I write this first part on my phone and deeply wish I had brought my iPad and some work as we could be here some time.