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Written in 365 Parts: 37: Legal Brief

By | Saturday, 5 October 2019

Krennar had arrived at the Judiciary less than twenty minutes ago and was already, at that point, regretting taking this case. Krennar paused the angst and corrected it, they were regretting even more since arriving that they took on this case. Krennar disliked space travel, even the short shuttle flight from the planet to this… Read More »

Written in 365 Parts: 33: Information Retrieval

By | Tuesday, 1 October 2019

They had spoken over a live comm on a few occasions, infrequently and with no discernible pattern except for some degree of importance or expediency. This could fall into either category. As always there was no visual communication, neither of them wished that, vocal only with heavy filter masking. “This is very dangerous.” The justice… Read More »

Written in 365 Parts: 28: Being Followed

By | Thursday, 26 September 2019

Drick piloted the executive grav vehicle deeper under the overpasses heading down to the lowest levels of Sector Six. On the monitor screens Drick was following the view of themselves from two satellite surveillance remotes and the three stealth robots that were tracking the vehicle. In a moment the satellite overhead view would be lost.… Read More »