And the moral in this story is?

I learned something today, and that is an important statement as you know it is important to learn something new each day. It is only by learning new things that we can ever seek to grow or develop as individuals. What I learned was that glove sizes are the same in all countries. Which considering the different sizes of clothes and shoes is quite surprising and very useful if you are heading somewhere cold.

Though I suppose you would just try them on anyway as they are gloves, it's not like shop-testing your underwear or something.

So I guess the thing I learned is a small bit of pointless trivia that can be filed away in my head next to emergency numbers in the hope that one day my addled brain will recall that rather than the names of the people I love.

"How are you today?"
"Thursday, your glove is the same size in Australia," giggle, gurgle, drool.

You know I really am going to have to give up playing the mandolin, sliced the ends of my fingers to ribbons, whose bloody idea was it to compose songs for kitchen equipment.

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