Nan knows Rhino::Win

Well I would type 50,000 words,
and I would type 50,000 more
Just to be the man who typed 50,000 words
in November, am I a bore?

I did it, I not only passed the required 50K words for nanorwrimo (National Novel Writing Month) but I also managed to finish the novel I was writing. This is an achievement for me as in 2005 I sailed past the 50K mark but didn't finish the novel I was writing, it still sits unfinished on my hard drive and 2006 started well with 23K in the first two days of November and then I stopped and totally failed to finish (that story got heavily complex really quickly and is probably going to be 300,000 words if I ever complete it). This year though I finished Nano and I finished the story I was writing for nano, so I feel very pleased and possibly a little smug.


Ah well, now to edit the entire thing. Blurgh.

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