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So i finished the Getaway World that i was reading as well as the Buffy book.

Buffy Omnibus: v. 4 (Buffy) Getaway World

I did enjoy them both (as i mentioned previously) and have little to add to my assessments.
Getaway World is solid, old-style pulp sci-fi, it has an eglitarian feel to it and the predisposition to societal structure conveying rights of place, position and joining seem odd in the modern day and have a slightly sour taste. Maybe that's because I am a common man by its descrioption and I never felt as such. That aside it is a great slice of fun and I am looking forward to comfortably chewing through the next one on my list. It is good to unwind with something that doesn't tax the brain.
Speaking of which, this second Omnibus of Buffy does just that. I felt slightly dissappointed in it in comparrisson to the first Buffy. the longest story in this one seemed stretched to me, they spent too much focus on each of the different demons. The artwork, as always remains fantastic, especially in the Macguffins -a great short story so Tribblesque-. I was also fond of the Queen of Hearts, i just seem to like the Drusilla/Spike stories in these volumes which is odd as I hate Drusilla in the series, it isn't just the portrayal that makes me want to unscrew my own head but the romance seems empty – more than some of the writers intended – there is more erotic subtext in a bag of custard than between the two characters on screen. In the comic book it drips with it, especially the dark tale set after the end of series two.
Looking forward to where this goes in Omnibus Three.

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