“Ripeness is all”

Ok so it is pretentious to quote Shakespeare in a random fashion, but I don't mind/care/have-issue-with because I feel kind of full of life, the reason is that a friend of mine is visiting with his three year old child and I am reminded of the simple fact that life is meant for living.


There is something joyous about the way that a three year old lives life. it is a easy cliche to say uncomplicated or uncaring when the truth is that it is neither, they are perceptive and understanding. You can class the under-8s as 'oblivious' if you were using the dictionary definition of that term but that takes something away from the profound affect/effect they have upon you when in your presence.

(On a side note for those of you who struggle in your day-to-day lives with these adorable little monsters this may sound like arse, but it is loving arse, and one made more so by the fun a three year old has re-invigorated into a jaded idiot who forgot that fun was hopping in the street while singing a national anthem – joyous celebration has no rhyme, reason or cause, it is for itself – but you have a hard job and this post is all about my friend bringing his child for a visit and the fact that she reminded me what fun was – side note talking to Dad while doing this reveals that I am having all of the 'grandparent-style' benefit without the day-to-day struggle that every parent signs up for – but there is also fun for him too)

<regain point>

I found a certain simple joy in seeing life for a short while through the eyes of a child, it reminded me that you can let life get too complicated and serious. I know this all sounds twee and cliched, but I also don't care. For this moment I am living in it.

Ripeness is all
Sieze the day
Life in the moment

Not always, just sometimes, and it is good to let life pull you along and see what happens and respond to the instant experince not the history or fears of the future you have.

Be a child, truly like a child more often.

btw, Ninky Nonk totally rocks.

{{Sub note, I took a lot of pictures as I always do – photography being a passion/hobby – but this was one of the best and kinda makes my point at the same time, I'd like to thank Becca for not caring and living her life with a tongue poked firmly out 🙂 }}


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