Saturday morning about ten thirty and I am stood in a line of people for the finding memo ride in LA Disney.

The how and why of visiting a popular and expensive theme park on a weekend are interesting.

I could be on the beach. I could be trolling around a mall people watching. I could be sawing gouges into my flesh with a hacksaw. But instead I am in a line observing the semi-politeness of people bored by queueing.

So as to how I for here. Simple. I walked from my hotel which is about twenty minutes away on the other side if the I5. My wife and I are in LA for a few days.

For the why that is more fun. Leigh is a huge, I mean giant Disney fan. She needs, and I do mean need, to see all the Disneys in the world. Since we were going to be in Vegas for a wedding I decided to hop to LA and do that.

Why are we here on a Saturday? The worst day to be at any theme park? Well Leigh wants to meet some friends from her forums in Downtown for lunch. So we got a two day pass. Joys :/

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