Travel Tales 3: Lisbon 2: Attracting attention.

so in continuation of my occasional series of travellers tales, this is number two if a run if two (thus far).
Facial signals used to attract attention in the UK (America, Hong Kong and the occasional bits of Europe) especially to waiters, do not seem to work in Lisbon.
The casual look of semi-pleading that declares "please come and see to me," is treated asa look of seemingly mild curiosity and often is just rewarded with a smile. perhaps I need to look more desperate.
I tried this in a different bar with a little more success (or so I thought) though I was still given a vague puzzled look. of course the second possibility is that the first waiters I attempted this on were just frakking 'tards.
Also I do not discount the possibility that it us me who is frakking this up.
Another few attempts and it is clear I was just lucky with the first attempt from my semi aware waiter as he is ignoring any further efforts – I believe he thinks I have issues.
How do you attract their attention

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