Spoiler Alert, too f*cking difficult for you?


Dear people on Twitter.

I know you want to be the first to say something, so do I.

I know you share your thoughts on things, so do I.

I know you like to boast when something happens in your life, so do I.

I know that in the increasing noise of Twitterspace, the Twitterverse where Twitterati gather (and this makes me sound like a Twatter) you need to say it quickly….


You are the c*nt who just told everyone Bruce Willis was a ghost and that Darth was Luke's father, well done dickhead.

I have now had Avatar and Doctor Who ruined for me by people I genuinely like who couldn't use the word SPOILER to warn me. DOCTOR WHO SPOILER, AVATAR SPOLIER, what did that waste too many of your f*cking 140 words you arsehole.

Well done.

Not even going to spitefully remove you from my watched list, or answer on Twitter in some angry way as my argument is not with you, directly, it is with this behaviour.

Twitter may be new(ish), this way of behaving isn't.

Stop it.

You're being a c*nt.


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