There’s no defence against Trolls

I am beginning to despair about one of the mailing lists I am on, I mean seriously despair. The issue is that there is a Troll on there who has a semi-companion Troll, sometimes they oppose each other, sometimes they join forces. What makes this worse for me is that the mailing list is mostly full of very educated people who talk a lot of sense, they discuss things I find interesting and I have genuinely learned things from being a member.
But these two bug me.
They will often construct good arguments, and do so in a passive manner, but the arguments themselves are nonsense. When they are argued with they delight in picking small flaws and using that to destoy a whole statement, proved wrong they turn and say they didn't mean their stance, they were playing Devil's Advocate, or just Chewing the Fat. They are in fact being sh*tty little passive agressive c*nts.
They make statements such as this "there is a lot of scientific evidence to support the fact that plants have a consciousness."
My d*ck once took a tour of Europe as the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, it was the year that a carrot passed the Turing test.
They link this statement to a Google search page that purportedly has these scientific links. Except it doesn't. If you follow those links they are all non-scientific in nature. Some of them claim to support a 'scientific method,' or 'scientific principles', but they don't. There is no independent research carried out by people who do not believe such statements, i could find no peer review papers or articles supporting the argument into journals. Like Homeopathy it is a pile of b*llocks. Yes, if you read this and believe in homeopathy then I am unrepentant, it is nonsense.
So, because of these Trolls, for that is what they are, polite little Trolls who back down when everyone else tells them how much crap they talk and prove them wrong, but unapologetic Trolls nevertheless, who quickly return.
I have said elsewhere that I never personally respond to their posts, I write a response, oft times I research my answer as well, then I delete it, feeling a little calmer as the process of responding eases my ire, but I am not so confrontational to attack them. It does no good. They will just use their little Troll ways to indicate they were doing nothing wrong, and apologise behind a mask of innocence that hides their nasty little Troll sneer.
Pity that this makes me want to unsubscribe…

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