The Hirst Restaurant

So a friend of mine, N. the chef, mentioned that he was working for the Hirst Restaurant family who had just taken over a restaurant south of Lancaster. One of the people listening to him didn’t realise that it was a family who had other local establishments and briefly asked, “what Damien Hirst?”

That’s when my mind went for a brief wander to what type of place would exist in a Hirstian manner:

A Grand Guignol establishment where the chefs are huge men, butchers with massive cleavers who hack the carcasses of animals and then serve them in giant vats of aspic;

There would be a strange “choose your own” where you would look into the sunken pens and select which animal was to be dragged by burly waitresses past the guests waiting in the lounge;

At the bar strange dressed waiters would lounge between obscenely pickled body parts on display to tempt the palate for the coming slaughter…

Okay, a bit over the top and I doubt it would be popular…and where the hell is my head, I mean really?

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