I am still a fan of using a pen and paper to jot down thoughts, or draw a doodle, or just to carry with me almost everywhere I go.[1]

I mean sure I use my iPhone, iPad, and laptop for some/all of the same reasons and with the same restrictive caveats, and I have a tablet and stylus attached to any computer I own for natural input, but they are not the same.

A pen and paper are somewhat smoother and more natural, the ink flows and eases the resistance. This is even true of capacitive displays where a stylus must still use a friction that is dry and seems to jar the experience somewhat.

This could just be an age thing, are we seeing the last generation of people who use pen and paper in this casual way, am I just a relic of the past?[3] I don’t believe so, I think is the nature of the experience and the advantages it gives me.

  • No specialist input devices
  • Compatible with all hands and eyes
  • Never crashes
  • Rarely corrupts data
  • Splash recovery
  • Language agnostic
  • Fits in a convenient pocket[5]
  • Fast data input
  • No Startup times
  • No application charges or updates
  • Full ASCII/ANSi support[6]
  • No ‘generation’ of devices
  • Reality display (TM)
  • Version safe
  • Future safe
  • Full version compatibility between devices, languages, users and systems
  • Available in a seemingly infinite variety of styles and colours
  • No vendor lock in and many high-street stockists
  • Can be used during take off and landing on a plane

[1] We have to exclude showers in this for the obvious reason.[2]

[2] Nothing to lean on in the shower.

[3] Those of you who are more familiar with me will know that a technophobe is probably the least accurate description of me.[4]

[4] Though not entirely without merit, mine is less the Luddite and more the cautionary critic.

[5] I use A6 pads

[6] UTF(Infinity)

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