I have discovered that I no longer like sitting in the back off cars on long trips. There are two parts to why this has happened.

Firstly it is a matter of a lack of control. Since learning to drive I don’t enjoy being a passenger much at all.  When I sit in the front I can at least pretend I am affecting my destiny better and this pretence is lost when I sit in the back. It makes me a a little tense and irritable.

Secondly if the car has poor oscillation dampers (shock absorbers) and they are soft making the car wobble I get a little nauseous. It is probably because I am tense about the driving so my stomach is knotted.

A drive from San fransisco airport to a hotel in San Jose with a driver who insisted on accelerating rapidly and breaking hard was the first time I noticed a feeling of motion sickness that these two elements combined can make. It was not a good drive, the traffic was heavy, the car was old and smelled badly (it was not that clean which seems to be common in some cities) and I was travel weary. All of those were contributing factors but the primary two reasons were principal.

The only other time I have felt motion Sickness was in the back of a very cramped Mini in the 80s that had a strong smell of petrol which was making me sick.

Learning the triggers will likely help me in the future in combating the effect, but the fact that it exists at all is a new development.

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