Brain Fried

There is the thing where you are focussing on several different tasks on the same day and so you seperate them off into distinct groups and if you are clever you write a list and prioritise that list and then you might also put them in order of hard task, soft task, want to do task, want to avoid task, and then use different colour pens and statusses and work out the rewards for doing the tasks also if you are really needy you might use a program to check the time that you are spending so that it encourages breaks which you naturally avoid and then you work for too much on the wrong thing and all the while there are a group of thoughts jostling in your head for dominance about other tasks you haven’t written down or the shopping, weather, film, music, lifestyle element that takes precedence in your life that is trying to be at the forefront of your attention and I bet you forgot something important you had to do this morning and at that point your brain solves something you hadn’t thought about in ages and you get completely distracted from what you were doing, enjoy a smug moment, go back to your tasks and within seconds have forgotten what you were so smug about and realise that your brain ditched it because it had processed but not stored your wonderful insight…

Fuck I hate it when I take a break from one set of busy stuff for another set of busy stuff and have to do all the stuff that I usually do again because all I can do is sit in the headlights of my backlog and scream like a puppy on meths.


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