Written in 365 parts: 2: What Do You Remember

“Do you know how I got here, or not?” The civil tone was making a rapid run for the hills now and Drick could see the eyes narrow despite them being slits from swollen cheeks and brows.

“You don’t need so much attitude, it isn’t going to help.” Drick kept a neutral tone.

Drick watched as K14792 stared and then looked around the transport. They seemed to be confused with a furrowed brow as they looked at the almost blank metal box they were in.

“What type of vehicle is this?”

“As I said, it is a prisoner transport. Pretty standard one. Metal box, toughened steel walls, roller-shutter doorway, camera in the corner, vents in the ceiling for air and so they can pump it full of gas to shut us up if we get too rowdy. Fairly standard stuff. I am guessing this is your first time in one? So this your first crime, or just your first murder?”

“What?” A raised voice but out of surprise and not from anger. They looked shocked, eyes were wide and mouth slightly agape. “Who said I did a murder?” the anger was returning to the voice now.

“Hey,” Drick kept a calm voice, “don’t get stressed, you could be innocent for all I know.”

“Who said I killed someone?”

“Look,” Drick wished they had more than a few feet between them in this soundproofed metal box, ‘no one said anything at all. They tossed you in here and said nothing about you at all. I was just going from your designation.’

“What designation?”

“The K, you know what that means, right? It stands for killer, only people who have taken a life someway have a K designation in the prisoner ident.”

“I haven’t killed anyone, or at least I don’t remember killing anyone,” they looked around confused and shaking slightly, “I don’t know where I am or how I got here and I certainly don’t remember any damned murder.”

“Look if you’re aiming to lessen your sentence by claiming some amnesia or mental illness, you’re out of luck. The authorities here will not believe you.”

“I am not trying anything, look I don’t know what is going on.” They were shouting with anger and possibly fear.

Drick tried to smile despite feeling worried, ‘okay calm down. I am not calling you a liar, just letting you know how things stand. Why don’t you tell me what you do know. What do you remember?”

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