Written in 365 Parts: 14: Evidence Disposal


The voice was calm though the officer in charge knew this to be deceptive, they were clearly very upset and this wasn’t going to change. The officer looked at the vidscreen and tried to keep their tone neutral and passive as they responded. “Situation is now under our complete control and evidence is being collected and disposed of in a timely fashion.”

“Expand on evidence and the manner of its disposal.”

“There were several vehicles involved in the incident, these have been located and sent to repair or recycling. Structural teams are working on the damage to road and buildings. We have locked down almost all of the footage from any non-controlled cameras or monitors. We calculate there is a less than one percent chance of anyone having footage that could be compromising.”


“We have requested all information on the vehicles that were in the nearby vicinity that were not company controlled. There is a slight issue there.”

“What issue?”

Again the voice was calm but there seemed to be more menace in that statement. “The incident involved most of the evening security team. Once it became obvious that we couldn’t prevent the involvement of the judiciary before removing any potential problems the commander in charge ensured that all monitors, cameras and digital evidence was secured safely for the period of the entire incident.”

“That is an acceptable approach. Why is that an issue?”

“They did not secure full information on everyone who was in the area at the time. it is conceivable that there were vehicles we were unaware of now that may have witnessed something. It is also possible that there were people on foot or small gliders. Since we no longer have any footage or sensor information it is possible we may not have covered everyone who may be a witness.”

“Who might be a witness?”

“There was gang activity in the district. That is why the judiciary were so quick to the scene of the incident. It is the cause of our current issues.”

“I don’t like issues.” There was a deep intake of breath. “However this is proceeding in a manner that is tolerable if not desired. Now tell me the bad news you have been avoiding.”

The officer in charge took a moment to steady themselves. This was not going to be pleasant. “It would appear that the organic survived the incident unharmed. They were detained and because the judiciary drones couldn’t determine what had occurred they were assigned a K-tag and taken to the judicial central processing.”

“That is not optimal. It is essential they are recovered or disposed of. I will not accept any other solution.” The voice was raised and edging towards real anger. “Have you managed to obtain legal representation so that we can block judiciary from interfering? If you have there must be no links back to us, there is already too many loose ends and potential issues.”

“I am afraid that there is a problem with that.” The officer took a deep breath before continuing, noticing that the superiors face had a look growing upon it that gave them real fear. In the past such a look was a prelude to someone being deleted. “There was an investigator already in the prisoner transfer vessel. They have placed the organic under their investigation and already had a legal put a lock down on the organic. They have initial control. Would you like me to have our legal teams look into a solution?”

“Naturally. This is most unacceptable. I would have expected this to be done immediately when the organic was recovered by the judiciary. Why did that not occur?”

“I am afraid that the officer in charge was concerned with an immediate response to evidence disposal to prevent detection of the events. They didn’t fully focus on the judiciary. By the time I was assigned the investigator had already had the organic assigned to them.

“Who is the investigator?”

The officer tried not to let a smile of fear cross their face, this was not going to be news the superior would tolerate well, not if the file assignment to the investigator was known, “they are currently using the name Drick. Though we know them as.”

“I know who they are,” the superior snapped. All trace of a calm voice was now gone, “assign as many resources as you need, we must cover all traces of evidence. I don’t care who you have to retire to do this, clean it up.”

The officer in charge nodded to a blank vidscreen as their superior cut the connection. They sighed slowly and opened up the file on the investigator known as Drick, no sense in not knowing what they were up against.

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