Written in 365 Parts: 37: Legal Brief

Krennar had arrived at the Judiciary less than twenty minutes ago and was already, at that point, regretting taking this case. Krennar paused the angst and corrected it, they were regretting even more since arriving that they took on this case.

Krennar disliked space travel, even the short shuttle flight from the planet to this moon was too much as far as they were concerned. The ideal travel was between the bedroom and the office, both of which were contained within Krennar’s apartment. They worked from home and used computer systems and remote staff to maintain the rest of the practice.

Even the trips to the courts could be conducted using hologram representation and Krennar had a complete hologram system in a null room. They could recreate whichever court of appeal they needed to in real time and digitally cast themselves into the physical location. It saved a lot of messy travel and wasted interactions. Organics, machine intellects, fusion systems, they were all so difficult to work with, so tiring.

Then there was the matter that this was also connected to Drick. That particular entity attracted trouble. Always had. Every single case that Krennar had been involved in with Drick was a bag of hornets that you had to stick a face into. Drick couldn’t help it, they were a problem magnet. Maybe they unconsciously were drawn to such cases. However Krennar had a lot of investment with Drick, the favours and work undertaken by Drick on Krennar’s behalf led to a lot of balance in Drick’s favour and Krennar liked to keep the accounts in order.

This case had the potential to be the most interesting assignment that Krennar had undertaken in some considerable time. It had started to feel sour the moment the first, very generous, offer had been made for them to release the former K-tag, Marsh, to a different legal team. It was not a team that Krennar was overly familiar with which suggested lower level legals from a much larger firm, or maybe from more than one firm.

Then there was the request to transfer the investigation to an out of system investigator who was apparently en route, with an accompanying large bonus if this was done. Krennar had passed on both requests as asked knowing that Drick would refuse them.

As for removing the K-tag status, that was done in-flight. It was a simple matter when examining the evidence to conclude that Marsh was not complicit in the death. Or if they were, there was no supporting evidence of such. They were a barely conscious passenger in the rear seat of the vehicle. However the basis for the lack of evidence was not that no evidence was collected, it was that the evidence was corrupted, and in the case of the private security team, altogether absent.

This had been enough justification for Krennar to secure his client and their investigative organic, Marsh, under a special warrant of care. Effectively Marsh and this case were the business of a legal investigation that would be headed by Drick.

Krennar wondered how heavily Volstron were connected. If they had full involvement they had made a huge error in allowing standard judiciary to take Marsh into custody. They could have claimed instantly that Marsh be retained in their care and that justice be done in one of their own courts. It would still be independently investigated but they would hold all the pieces during that investigation. They would handle all of the paperwork and control who was allowed full access.

The fact that they didn’t instantly claim jurisdiction and even that they were surprised by judicial robots made Krennar suspect that they had been either conscripted at last minute; or more likely were not given the information in the first place. So, if that deduction was correct, they were acting on the purview of someone else. Speculation but a logical set of conclusions.

It mattered little to Krennar at this moment, they were far more intrigued about making sure Marsh was secured in a safe location and interviewing them to discover what exactly could be ascertained from their memories of events. The notes Drick had made regarding the initial interview were slightly bemusing. If Krennar extrapolated properly there was an organic over a thousand years old, well from over a thousand years ago, in their custody.

An original human perhaps. Krennar wasn’t certain of when the mass genetic alterations had started. It was before interstellar migration, but not that much before. It was probably within the normal span of life for Marsh if Krennar guessed correctly. So they may have some changes, but possibly not that many. Krennar added it to the list of tasks to undertake.

Krennar had already decided that Marsh had to have a full medical, if only to discover who put the implant in Marsh’s skull. But, Krennar now added a full genetic analysis to the list of desired procedures.

Krennar looked up as they heard a door open and saw a familiar officer making their way towards them. It was Hooper. Just behind them, jogging lightly to come through the doorway before it closed, was another officer who Krennar did not recognise.

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