Written in 365 Parts: 40: The Other Guy

“That doesn’t really answer my question.”

“Well I am neither a historian, nor an astronomer, so I can only give you vague answers. One issue we have is that this system has been colonised for greater than five hundred years. We have not used the Terran calendar for years, since the end of the Expansion Wars, in fact possibly before then. Our calendar broadly follows the Terran Year but not really. Just for traditions and festivals.”

“So what is this system?”

“The local name for it is Big House, but that’s a shortening of Ebbighausen which is the name of some historical person. I believe he was related to the first habitable planet discovered at Luyten’s star. This world we circulate is the fifth, most habitable that was colonised, but one of the furthest away.

When I say most habitable I am trying to use terminology from you time period, if my data about the terms from your time is correct. We have redefined what is meant by habitable. It has been some considerable time after all. I cannot verify some historical information as there was a series of large events that have left us with some variable quality information of some of our own history.”

“My history is pretty sketchy but I might be able to fill someone in with some details.”

“I’m sure that would please someone. But it is not important to us at this time. Have you recollected any more information? Do you remember anything?”

“I don’t know. I mean I am not sure. There was a lot of noise and I get glimpses, flashes of images that might be something. I don’t really know yet. Bits are starting to make sense but not enough there for me to say.”

“Well, the initial medical reports will be here soon and that will help us a little. it may be possible for us to have a medical professional help, to relieve some of your confusion.”

“What does that mean? How would that happen?”

“Again, I am sorry to say that I am a legal professional, however medical technology has far outstripped what you would know.”

“Well I figured, the tattoos, implants, the fact that you all look so different. Thought it was a fashion thing at first but now I think you’re all, I’m not sure how to say this, odd.”

“I imagine to you we are odd. But to return to the matter of your memory, there are medical procedures and medication to help restore memories, that might help you.”

“Why can’t you ask the other guy?”

“I’m sorry, Marsh, perhaps you are confused. That is why you had the K-tag, the other organic in the vehicle was dead.”

“There were three of us in that vehicle.”

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