Written in 365 Parts: 62: Falling Faster

Drick spun lazily in the air. Below them the revellers fell at a greater speed many of them screaming and twisting in terror. Drick would have preferred to alert them to the fact that the safety systems would save them, at the most they would have small bruises and scrapes. But the added noise and confusion would help cause a distraction.

Drick took careful aim and fired single shots with both weapons at the security guards below. Drick enjoyed the fact that multiple bodies were falling in front of them and between them and the club’s guards, even if Drick wished them no harm. The guards had lost targeting systems and needed to find a convenient gap in the falling bodies to aim and fire at Drick. However Drick had their exact position and full targeting and threat detection systems. With the enhanced combat diagnostics and heightened reflexes it was a one sided battle that favoured just the one. Drick made sure to utilise it well and had shot seven of the guards before needing to focus on the next stage of the plan.

The first of the revellers falling from the ceiling had already been shifted to safe drop zones and auto-inflating buffer cushions before Drick had even fallen ten metres. The suits compensators had slowed Drick’s fall to less than a third of the other patrons. This was the moment to change tactic.

Drick flicked the shotgun open and formed themselves into a ball so that the momentum carrying them towards the bar, which was the direction they had headed towards just after triggering the acid bomb, was accelerated. Drick pulled a gel concoction of their own creation and loaded it into the stock of the gun. A quick flick of a switch auto-ejected any residue gel in the gun then loaded and charged the new round. 

Drick took a careful note of the target. It was a section of floor close to a wall behind the bar. As they swung head over feet Drick took a careful count of the rotational movement and the distance and angles to the target. Already there were increased sounds of plasma discharges, they hadn’t managed to get close to Drick but they were within a few metres as Drick could feel the heat from the weapons. The closeness of Drick to the guards coupled with the number of patrons now saved by the clubs automatic safety systems was making the airspace much more of a threat.

But still Drick waited until there was only ten metres from the floor and less than fifteen from the target before they switched the suit from ultra low simulations to high gravity. Drick accelerated and at the same moment fired the gel round on large stream maximum pressure. The effect was to propel a huge crimson ball of gel at the floor, at it impacted it exploded in a series of increasingly violent blue flashes. The shockwaves passed over Drick followed by a walls of increasingly searing heat that singed exposed flesh.

By the time that Drick would have impacted against the target a hole had appeared in the floor over two metres across revealing a room below. Drick shot through that hole through a wave of green plasma fire from the few guards still awake in the main room to track Drick’s movements.

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