Written in 365 Parts: 83: Novelty Clothing With A Witty Slogan

“That’s true, you are much more polite than that. Well at least when you are sober.”

“Amusing. How is Marsh?”

“He’s fine, Krennar, he has been awake for several hours.”

“Well that’s satisfying to know. You could have given me a stimulant to wake me earlier.”

“I could have but you looked so sweet all curled up in a coma.”

“An interesting redefinition of the word sweet.”

Krennar opened their eyes and blinked several times. The lights were muted but would still feel harsh. They recovered quickly and Drick guessed they had placed internal filters on using their implant. “Well I should probably attempt sitting up.” said Krennar as they carefully raised themselves onto their elbows.

“You look awful.”

“I am not suited to dying, apparently. Perhaps I should avoid it in the future.”

“Everyone dies sometime.”

“Yes, I understand that. Some of us die more than once.”

“Well if you do it often enough you get novelty clothing with a witty slogan.”

“Delightful, novelty clothing is something I always aim to achieve in a case.”

“Do you feel fit enough to get up and carry on? I have some things that your talents are suited for.”

“Oh, how fortunate for me. This, I believe, is going to count as extra charges, in fact I may have to invent a new category of pricers just for this.”

“Joys. Get up. I need help.”

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