Written in 365 Parts: 124: Union Cooperation

The watcher didn’t have as long to wait as they had feared. It was just another fifty minutes before a second organic turned up at the booth. The watcher turned to the two security guards that they shared the control booth at the club with. “Do you know who that is? Did they scan in with an identity graph?”

“They did,” said the more conversational of the two guards, “iconograph registered them as a Union member, ident registered as Susa Camile, and what is more they are a registered Union representative to an official organisation.”

“Which one?” the watcher was secretly elated this was a real break. A Union Rep, if the graph was real there would be a lot of info that could be gathered and their loyalty would be to the Union. Having the Union on side for this investigation was a real bonus. Yet another favour to tally to Drick.

“Justice Department. They are the Rep for planet based administration staff. Oh, but they used to be based on the Justice satellite where they did Rep work for ancillary workers. Looks like they still represent some organics and artificial intellects up there.”

“Can you find out when they were last on the Justice satellite from this system?”

“They are Union and if they were there officially then someone will have made a note of it. I will pass the request up the chain. I don’t have that access but we were told to give you all the help we could and pass every request otherwise to a superior.”

“It is much appreciated and I will make sure it is also repaid on a personal level.”

“Well that’s also much appreciated,” the guards smiled and the watcher was surprised at how that made them look so much more unfriendly. It must be something they practiced.

There was a small beep on the console in front of the security guard. “They have activated the full privacy screen.” Said the guard. “They have paid for double security and marked it as Union business.”

“What can we do?”

“Give me a moment,” said the guard, “I will tag a request to monitor onto the request for information. Hopefully someone will clear it soon. But they may not. If it is Union business then we have every right the Union have in their charter, and there are a lot of those.”

The watcher nodded, it was to be expected. The Union would set their own level on the involvement and cooperation. They were surprised when an answer came almost immediately.

“We have permission to monitor.” said the guard, “and they gave me the travel itinerary for the last six months. Looks like they go up there often. They only got back here a few days ago.” They passed a data readout onto the watcher’s screens.

The watcher studied the times and dates carefully. It was curious that the last date for travel to and from the Judicial Central tallied with the arrival and departure of Marsh. It wasn’t exact, but it was within a few hours. It was far too coincidental a timeframe to ignore.

“The monitor is coming online now,” said the guard and pushed the feed onto a main screen. There was a small warning beep on the Security Guard’s screen. “Looks like they are doing a scan for observation devices.”

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