Written in 365 Parts: 127 First Penetration

Three of the stealth vehicles landed, without a bump as they actually came to rest before touching the surface, on the roof of the main offices. They held their position. They were a mere centimetre above the gravel covering but since they hadn’t actually touched down there was no pressure to the surface. The roof was fitted with an expansive sensor array to detect even the presence of small creatures.

Inside the suits the occupants waited as one of them prepared a short burst transmitter. It was set to broadcast onto a very narrow frequency at just one of the many relay dishes on the roof. The unit fitted with a powerful emitter that would project a highly specific wave of energy across a thin slice of the electromagnetic spectrum. It was a pulse which for a fraction of a second would overload that dish. 

This attack had been prepared for in advance by a previous intrusion and was part of the phased assault to gain access to multiple computer relays and networks that were separate to each other.

The transmission would happen at the moment the dish would be shut down, running a maintenance reset which had been programmed in by a corrupted recovery stack protocol in the janitor system of the building. This burst would allow the firewall protecting the main reciever to be overcome so that a second wave could carry a stealth package directly into the active maintenance program running security status. Once the code was internal it would release a plethora of smaller systems programs that were set to clone and replace some low-level mechanical assistance software in the repair programs of the security self governance systems. 

The maintenance program had been altered significantly in advance especially in its logging and data integrity analysis. Its monitor protocols would normally report any changes, including regular updates, to an overseer system. This time they would instead open up a small relay and report to an auxiliary broadcast system that was linked back to the pods hovering on the roof. This would open up a secondary backdoor access and allow the infiltrators to send a second package of stealth software into the overseer system.

The penetration of low level systems was completed in microseconds. A few picoseconds later the overseer program was breached and internal systems cloned, reformed to respond to specific triggers, and to ignore others. The system responded to its new masters with a welcoming prompt.

Inside the pods the occupants kept radio silence, but a small sub-system activated and received a single packet transmission which alerted them to the success of the first penetration. All three occupants set to work on the next stage of the plan. Each would have to be ready, the systems they had breached could only be controlled for very short periods without alerting a higher system. That was until they had completed the next stage of the plan.

Silently the pods opened to reveal darkness. Three figures raised themselves slowly but almost unseen to sensors and the naked eye. The stealth coating of their suits revealed them only as a slight distortion at the edges, less than a millimetre in thickness where the planes of light were angled around their forms. An observer stood greater than a few metres away would be hard pressed to see any difference, even within a metre or two the effect was barely visible.

As one, the three moved into position and adjusted their gravity compensators. The first figure leapt at the main comms relay of the cluster of satellite uplinks thirty metres away. The other two leapt towards the doorway of the emergency roof access. They all landed softly, instant adhesion gloves and boots stuck them firmly to the surfaces of their respective targets.

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