Written in 365 Parts: 128: Synchronised Plans

Four of the five remaining stealth vehicles drifted past the roof and moved slightly away from the main building complex. Silently they descended to the four compass points of the complex and came to rest in positions that gave them at least one hundred degrees of view each. Together they had a clear view of every plane of the building. 

Inside the stealth vehicle pods the four organics were ready. They had started to assemble the complex equipment that surrounded them. They would have very little time to complete the final construction once the exterior of the vehicles opened. The equipment they had to operate was coated with camouflage armour, active detection avoidance and anti-infiltration systems but the initial confrontation would make most of that defunct. The camouflage and detection avoidance was primarily as a deterrent for active laser targeting, visual identification, and not stealth. They would not be using subterfuge. The anti-infiltration was a necessity, there was a cyber assault as a component of this mission so aggressive computer defences would be active on all sides.

They were using synchronised plans but were still operating using total communications blackout. If any one of them was discovered the others would not know about it unless a significant amount of commotion was created. They all knew the risks of this operation. The targets would be doing their best to eradicate them as a threat, whereas they would be using weaponry and techniques to cause maximum disruption with minimum loss of life. As for their own lives it had already been taken into consideration.

Each of the occupants checked the special rounds for the weapons they were using and made sure that all the missile and projectile shots were in the ready mode but with safety locks activated. 

The fifth stealth vehicle had come to rest on its allotted position even further away from the main building. It was on the roof of an adjacent block of apartments that overlooked the compound but not the roof of the main building. It was not the most ideal spot but it would suffice. Its occupant was also busy preparing for the mission and their role. They had readied the screens and made sure they were able to accept information from the drones that would arrive after the infiltration began.

All of them were waiting for the mission countdown to flick from the negative preparation stage to the active mission stage. The numerals counted down in one colour in anticipation of counting upwards in another colour. In a matter of seconds they would begin the assault, once that began the comms blackout would end and they would use the encrypted channels and coded signals.

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