Written in 365 Parts: 129: Comms Relay

The organic who had leapt onto the relay satellite had less than a minute to complete their next objective. They unrolled a small set of tools and flipped out a plasma cutter. Three seconds later they had cut a slice along the cable housing underneath the relay aerial. Inside there was a thick sheath that held the communication cables. The figure opened a pouch and attached a device around the sheath of cables and activated the primary switch.

The device was a military infiltration droid. Equipped with hundreds of small manipulator arms it set to work opening and connecting to the mass of fibres in the cable sheath. An organic would have taken hours to separate the cables, attach a bypass, cut the cable and insert the diversion cable to allow monitoring. Then the bypass of each one had to be removed after the insertion was tested and the slice resealed. The droid was able to do thousands of them a second and had managed to totally infiltrate the whole cable system in less than five seconds. 

The figure attached the infiltration droid’s output to a secure battle computer from their backpack and started the system. This computer was a set of highly specialised artificial intellects. Each one had a defined set of protocols. 

The initial intelligence was designed to breach security systems, being attached to an internal communications system made its job significantly easier. It was aided by the series of backdoors left in the system and the monitoring system running tests at appropriate moments.

Seconds after it breached the main system firewalls the next intelligent system started to clone the main code modules of the monitoring system and security detectors. Another series of programs attached themselves to all communications. 

The third system was a decryption intelligence and it was soon busy decoding the many secure communications that were being fed into its network. The last intelligence was a specialist in counter-infiltration. It was soon busy capturing and re-programming any stealth systems that were sniffing around the other intellects and their activities.

The figure completed the final task just moments before they were to move to active infiltration. It opened a special port on the battle computer and activated the systems own secure communications relay. Far away from the city in a geo-stationary orbit a communications drone suddenly burst into life, it started passing traffic between the security systems of the main building and an eager slicer who had been waiting impatiently for the relay to open.

Less than a second after they had opened up the drone’s relay the slicer was in the system and starting to compile the overlays for the companion program. Once the active signal started they would open the secure communications channel and start to transmit the data to the operatives on the ground. This had to be as fast, accurate and comprehensive as possible. They smiled and loaded an appropriate client program for their mind to enjoy as they assembled the system.

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