Written in 365 Parts: 130: Games Master

The multi-headed avatar that Rodero had constructed used one of its heads to look down at the game board called Tower Assault. The name was a throwback to a series and style of game in a century long forgotten. But it prevailed throughout history. Rodero had designed it as a multi-level platform made from cardboard with tiny counters representing various objectives. There were people, cameras, doorways and other features, most of them security or threat related. All the passive pieces were coloured to look like furniture or walls. Cards labelled encounters, obstacles and rewards automatically turned over and presented themselves for the first hand which was labelled roof assault. Throughout the simulation would automatically shift and play hands while giving Rodero their best option cards.

Rodero opened the eyes on another head which was looking at a video game called Pot Shot. This showed a hologram of the building from ground level. There were four playing pieces arranged around the bottom of a multi-tiered rifle range. The figures could be controlled with a joystick to give them targets and direction. Rodero’s avatar grew four small children from its side and each picked up a controller. They were faceless blobs with a single sensory receptor that would automatically choose the next target based on a series of priorities.

Rodero flicked to a different head which had another board game. This was a complex puzzle made up of three dimensional pieces that changed over time giving the user an almost limitless number of choices to try and construct a solid object. It was a mathematical representation of the security system that Rodero and the other intelligences were interacting with. If the puzzle devolved into a shapeless mass they would be out of the system. If they completed it to an object, in this particular game a perfect sphere, then they would have total control of the system.

Rodero used a head to look at a complex series of plans. These were the real world schematics of the main building and security complex. Each layer had all the relevant details and Rodero was filling in as much real time data as they could manage. He made sure that all the operatives would have the best possible information and attached them to the relevant communications queue.

Rodero was ready. He started the game clocks as the synchronisation trigger activated for the infiltration teams.

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