Written in 365 Parts: 132: Attaining Godhood

Boomer flicked the implant over to remote control and relaxed as much as possible for the inevitable. This part was out of their control and it would hurt. The internal medical systems detected the tenseness in muscles and cardio-vascular systems and, as previously instructed, administered counter measures to relax the body. There needed to be as minimal resistance as possible if the synchronisation were to be successful. The least resistance allowed the greatest control from both sides. 

As soon as vital signs reached an expected range the implants injected the massive chemical and electrical stimulants that made every fibre of Boomer’s flesh silently scream.

Rodero eased Boomer into a new construct in the same instant as the systems opened a full bi-directional control surface. In this world Boomer would be five organics simultaneously. One was Boomer themselves, perched overlooking the world from the vantage point of a God in some heavenly rest. The other four intellects that they now assimilated was a piggyback ride onto the implants of the four assault forces on the ground. 

The ground forces could be identified as Beta, Charlie, Delta and Echo. Alpha was the master organic for this set. They were on the roof of the building as part of the higher level assault. Boomer did not have access to their implant level and did not need it.

Boomer had wanted a clean construct and Rodero hadn’t disappointed. They were stood in a room with an array of monitors in front of them showing multiple tactical and real world screens that were fed directly from all possible sources and the implants, senses and mental conclusions of the ground assault organics themselves. In front of this there were four egg shaped stations with a three hundred and sixty degree environment. This was the world of each of the four organics. 

Boomer could come out to this overview point or immerse themselves in the egg of any of the organics. In this manner they would be able to view, direct or control any of the four exterior organics as if they were in their minds, which they would be. This construct could be ghostly or solid dependent on a moment of concentration, allowing Boomer to have either an augmented or immersive experience to enhance their ability.

In this manner Boomer could not only piggyback and direct the organics that were conducting the ground assault. They could also be a full riding tactical support or take over the functions of the body. The implants of the ground assault organics were the highest level of systems control. They did not just supplement the higher order functions of the brain while aiding autonomous systems. They could completely take over any neurological system allowing total dominance. 

These particular systems this team used required permission from the organic host, but they could be made to do so without permission. It wasn’t unusual for some professions to insist upon such, many corporations mandated it as part of contract.

Boomer set the medical implant to release a cocktail of chemicals into the brain and at the same time pushed the capacity of the implant to allow maximum usage. The power of the auxiliary systems under Rodero’s control flooded the system and a host of low level intelligences synched with Boomer’s brain to enhance all capabilities. To Boomer it felt as if they had a thousand times the aptitude, they could affect a plethora of simultaneous events. Time stretched to a lazy stroll as thoughts accelerated beyond any previously known capacity. 

This was a rush that made Boomer into the God that their callsign suggested. The cost? Just another slice of eternity.

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