Written in 365 parts: 135: Electronic Disturbance

For a few minutes all the locks on the doorways were inoperable. The mechanical overrides triggered on a few, locking them with catches or bolts, but even some of those took instructions from electronic sensors. The building was temporarily dead. The active defences that would normally absorb the impact of a direct electrical weapon assault had been overcome. The security teams had no sensors, no views, no communications and no drone support. Some systems would reboot instantly, others would need manual intervention. There were a number of systems that would have to be replaced entirely, their critical delicate internals fried by the high energy magnetic wave.

Among the organics many lay unconscious or twitching, the residue of mild electric shocks that had coursed through their implants and electronic support systems. Those with cheaper model implants that relied on direct circuits had suffered the most, along with anyone who used electronic augmentation for muscles or reflexes. There were three organics who had serious, or life threatening, injuries caused by accidental shocks or device failure. Everyone had at least one type of circuit implant, everyone had been affected.

The main computer systems were housed in heavily shielded rooms in the basement of the complex. They had survived the initial assault with ease. However all the associated sub-systems and relays that connected them to the outside world had been disabled or damaged. There were auxiliary systems that were intended for such an event. They were tied to the underlying building repair and maintenance infrastructure which could withstand the magnetic charge from a nuclear explosion.

As the relays and bridge networks failed to recover the shielded intelligences opened up pathways directly into the maintenance sub networks. They established a full counterpart level access, and instigated emergency protocols, allowing those reserve sub-systems point of truth rights across the network. The maintenance sub-system connected to the main communications relay and took authoritative control of security systems and communications.

Silently the infiltration intellect inside the communications relay sent a coded signal to the maintenance sub-systems. Instantly a response was given that matched the pre-configured encryption signature. The maintenance system opened a port directly to the infiltration intelligence and connected it to the main intelligence in the basement of the building. 

A moment after that Rodero opened a new board in the games room. It was a complex multi-dimensional mathematical puzzle. A series of equations which had to be solved and matched across multiple directions to allow new equations to be revealed. As each equation was solved it was added to a list of solved tiles, which held the answers known. These were game representations of data storage systems that were encrypted on the secure network. Rodero was finding, decrypting and copying all the information they had, piece by piece.

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