Written in 365 Parts: 146: Two Desks

The explosion was loud in the confined space of the maintenance room. The concussion wave, that followed the sound, had barely dissipated against the shield when Drick started their run. In the monitor view Drick could see that Marsh had also started his run. He was four metres and three seconds behind Drick, separated by a wall.

Ahead of Drick the shaped charge had blasted a, roughly circular, hole in the toughened resin and steel laminates of the compound internal walls. There were a few sparks from exposed wiring systems, that would trigger fire alarm breakers the minute they erupted into life. However the systems were under their control and still disrupted by the pulse. 

Drick leapt through the thin haze of smoke at the lowest height they could manage. Landed on their hands and rolled into the office. Drick was  using the captured security systems monitors, and their own internal systems, to quickly build up a layout of the room.

The space was larger than Drick had expected. On the schematics they had used there was an extra wall partitioning this office. It was clear now that the wall was a temporary divide. It was, no doubt, retracted at this time. Drick could see that there were runner tracks on the floor and ceiling. The room was now dominated by two large desks. The walls were the right angle shape of smooth internal surface, and a large corner window that curved between the two ends.  

The first desk was an impressive single slab of wood, that had been shaped into a u-shaped curve, that was laid on one long edge. It gave a deceptive clear view through the desk. However this was false as Drick could not see the chair through the desk. The upper half chair which was clearly visible behind the top of the desk. Clearly it had a hologram field, or a mirror, projected in front of it.

The other desk was more a long meeting table. It had thirteen chairs arranged in a curious pattern around a long oval. Twelve of the chairs were arranged along one side of the table culminating at the curve of the sides. The other chair, slightly larger and taller, was opposite them. All of the electronic displays were arranged to give this primary chair the most advantageous position, and all of the information.

The deceptive desk, and command table, both indicated to Drick that the owner of this office liked to be in charge. Liked to be the centre of attention. Liked to have secrets. 

There were few other features aside from the large window. A single two dimensional projection frame on the wall of a group of organics with the sitting Planetary Governor, was the only feature of note. The other wall contained the room’s single door. All other vertical surfaces were window. The desk was almost devoid of all features aside from an antique pen, inkwell, and paper blotter. 

The room appeared to be empty. But Drick knew this had to be false. Appearances were always deceptions.

Marsh rolled through the open door and took position in the corner of the room, where the window met the wall, as they had planned. Drick watched as they also scanned the room. Looking, as Drick did, for their objective.

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