Written in 365 Parts: 147: Liquid Flesh

Charlie looked up at the Powered Armour that towered above them. If the organic inside took a brief look down at an outside monitor they would clearly see the figure crouching up at them. Charlie could even see themselves on the security feed that Rodero was altering in real time. However, they were presented as a non-threat. The weapon they were holding identified as a dart emitter, and of no consequence. Charlie knew that they would get a single shot before that assessment would be altered. They had to get the perfect hit, and then get out of the way.

The gun indicated that it was cycled to its maximum emissions, Charlie depressed the activator. The weapon was an extension of the same technology that allowed for gravity reducing fields, and the constant acceleration graviton drives of interstellar spacecraft. Inside the gun was a powerful fusion cell that fed directly into a graviton accelerator. The accelerator was a series of opposing particle loops that fed increasing levels of energy to massed particles. These particles were positioned in loops around each other, and a central core, that allowed the build up of gravitons. On release the combined charge was directed as linear gravity. The effect was a frame shift that disrupted any particles it passed through. Literally tearing matter apart on a molecular level. 

The beam had two severe drawbacks. It would quickly lose its potency as the incredible energy charge was a weak force that would dissipate quickly in any gravitational field. It would not affect structures that had strong bonds. Heavy armour resisted the shifting forces, as did most physical weapons. However, its effect on sensitive electronics, computers or organic matter was devastating. Anything within a few metres of the beam was disrupted. Delicate circuitry shattered into pieces. Flesh fell apart, and puddled, leaving a clean skeletal frame behind.

There was an electronic scream from the suit as thousands of circuits died in a micro-seconds brilliance. Inside the suit the organic occupant didn’t even have time to contemplate the agony that would have made them scream, before their flesh and organs liquified.

The suit toppled forwards onto its still firing guns. Physical systems that no longer received instruction. They took a full two seconds to stop firing which made the suit jerk and jitter on the cold concrete surface. It jerked and shook, gouging holes in the smooth grey expanse.

Charlie checked and noted that Alpha had neutralised the rest of the room. They flashed a signal to control and the other teams that they had achieved penetration. The ground floor was taken. Without waiting for a response the two Dricks moved immediately to their next task.

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