Written in 365 Parts: 155: A Very Good Question

“Let us move on as we are exhausting the point in discussing how you cannot really threaten me. This is the object that has been causing so much consternation?” The figure looked at Marsh and gestured with an open palm towards him. “I assume this is a fair representation of your external form? No augmentations? No alterations?”

“This is how I look,” said Marsh, “and I go by the name of Marsh.”

“Really, that’s of little consequence, but duly noted. You are not Marsh though, are you?” A tight smile played across the features once again. “I assume you want me to tell you all that I know about you? Why you were born and what purpose was in store for you?”

“It would be useful if you could fill in some gaps.” Marsh moved closer, but still kept a moderate distance. “Why were you trying to kill me for instance?”

“We were not, originally. We tried to recover you. If it weren’t for some unfortunate pieces of luck this would have been entirely dealt with and there would have been no complications.”

“Was it luck or was it incompetence?” Drick quipped.

“I think it would be fair to say it was a mixture of both,” They looked over at Drick, “but that’s a story that is replicated in many places. We were unfortunate and we were sloppy. Trust me when I tell you that those responsible for laxity were dealt with in an appropriate manner.”

“I bet they were. Always with the subtle little plays on words. What are you a criminal mastermind? Why not have a big chair with evil overlord emblazoned on it. Why not just say you had them minced? Also, why were you not included?”

“Aside from my high level position, my real failure was in being held back. I would have preferred to move to an immediate cleansing of the situation, but that decision was delayed. When I say cleansing I mean of course you, Marsh and all of your friends and associates. The item, Marsh as it likes to be known, was considered too valuable. A recovery of property was originally requested. Hence I was restricted and that allowed for errors to multiply.”

“I am not anyone’s property.” Marsh snapped angrily.

“Well, that’s not my debate,” the smile reappeared, “I merely couched it in terms that would be familiar to the client. They see you as their property.”

“Are you saying your organisation is tasked to do this work by a client?” asked Drick. “That’s interesting. Or is it that you refer to Yee On Kline as clients, or is it just someone inside that organisation?”

“So many little pieces of information, each one vital, and each unknown to you. It is a little more delicate and complicated than that. But they do have a significant financial contribution which allows them to dictate certain terms and conditions.”

“Why don’t you spell this out a little better. In fact, stop with the clever word play and just tell us plainly what you know.”

“Since we have established that I have no fear of you, or of dying in this form. That I can control this construct to some degree which will allow me to at least avoid any direct unpleasantness. That my forces in this building will soon overwhelm yours. That you have no real evidence that I have any information worth your while. That I am not indispensable, by the end, as we are calling them, client. That I have a replacement body and a recent copy of my persona available. That you will soon be my prisoner, unless you have already exited and this is remote, which is what I would do. That even if you are not here, I will find you and destroy you, and Marsh. I mean, I already took out your justice department friend. Did you really think that ruse in the morgue and the desert would work? Why would I tell you anything?”

“Well that’s a good question,” said Drick. “ A very good question.”

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