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So the book list for June and August started with a mini-series and their inspiration. I read Wicked, Son of a Witch and the Wizard of OZ…

Son of a Witch (Wicked Years 2) The Wizard of Oz Wicked (Wicked Years 1)

I enjoyed all three of these books, it was a bit strange reading the Wizard of OZ after being immersed in a modern re-imaging (crappy term I know but there you go) of the story, but  could see where he took his inspiration and how he twisted the tale he told from that book and using the imagery presented in the very popular film. i highly recommend all of these books and it makes a good preview to the fact that I intend to see Wicked the musical when i am in London in November.

After fantasy worlds I returned to the worlds of Sci fi and finished The Prefect and Pushing Ice by Alistair Reynolds. I have a big fondness for Reynolds writing now, I am particularly fond of big ideas and wide scope sci-fi (space operatics in fact) and he manages to write in this area with style and gusto.

The Prefect (Gollancz S.F.)
Alastair Reynolds

Pushing Ice (Gollancz S.F.)
Alastair Reynolds

I also finished the Graphic Novel sequence Y:The Last Man. This series pretty much came to a near end in Vol. 9 and 10 held few surprises for me, the writers still managed to twist what you expected to happen and delivered a very satisfactory epilogue that neatly rounded off the story.

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