Ooooh It’s all sticky!

It is official. And this proclimation makes it so , America is all sticky.

It really is. I kid you not.

I have come to the point I always arrive at when on any extended trip to the United States. Now don't read this wrong I love it here and I like a lot of the people. But, America you use too much sugar. This is especially true in relation to the fact that you use way too much corn syrup.

It is making you all sticky. Everything is sticky.

You get a non dairy creamer and the second ingredient is corn syrup. Right after the hydroginated soya oil (yep you made the oil even more unhealthy. Well done) and just before the salt or sodium you have to use because the corn syrup is too damned sweet.

Oh, and did I mention it is also all sticky.

I am craving sour and bitter. I want bread that has no syrup in it. I want bacon that isn't sweet and sausages that don't stick to my fork from the glaze.

I tried to have a fruit bowl. They had soaked the strawberries in clear syrup. Sigh.

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