The general shape of a smile

A friend of mine recently started to live the… prophecy, or prediction, or simple extrapolation of regular sequences or…(insert own vagueness)…whatever that I had mentioned some time before. What actually happened is he got older.


Who is he?
What is the context?
What did I say originally?
What is he doing?

Tell me more, tell me more
Was his life in distress
Tell me more, tell me more
Did he put on a dress

It doesn't matter, that is all irrelevant.

And actually this would would not be as odd as his otherwise (sideways and Samwise) general behaviour would indicate as he often goes to Goth nights in a skirt. As dear reader thus far, the man is a slut, a wild and long hairy slut, a young and prodigious slut. Dress sense, like attitude, is whatever – if I look good, I feel good, I am good…I am god…

But he started to live what I said.

Actually it was more time than the immediate recent, but some things were noticed and said that were more prevalent in the past short period, a few en (to mean 'n'), a few en times the square of something or another in a value of metrics – that we can apply as time but is in fact entropy recorded and seen in its passing – which gives some actual sense of being recent but may be some considerable time if recorded in seconds or calculated in relation to the lifetime of a wasp.

He started to be some of the things I knew he would be.

Did I shape them?

Well in any real sense, of course I did. I am not blowing any form of brass instrument but it is inconceivable that my exist was denied in absolutely. But that's not the sense of affairs in which I am discussing.

What I did was to perhaps lay a seed, or maybe it would be better to add the point that this person already has the seeds within them and they are already sowed and the feed tilled and fertiliser laid down with sunlight water and all the gubbins in place…. in other words the mechanisms were all there…

What I did was recognise them….

What I did was see that they had a way forward that this person was almost compelled to follow…

Because they constantly try:

not only to be better;
not only to refine themeselves;
not only to live up to the person they are;
not only to live up to the person people see themselves as;
not only to the ideal others place in them;
not only to the things they already do;

But to all of these and more.

I actually did very little. I sawe a process that was already happening and I commented on the thing that was easiest to note…

And yes, when you read this, you look better and more comfortable in a shirt -AS WELL- [important emphasis] – these days.


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