Things I Learned Last Night

So I learned a couple of things last night (yesterday) that I am going to share with you:

* I am considered a bit more ‘famous’ than I thought and now a name to draw a small crowd in the community – blushes profusely.

* Cluj is a lovely place, really very pretty and the people are very relaxed for the most part, nice drinking beer in the square.

* Cluj Perl Developers (the guys at Evozon from last night) are good drinkers and nice chaps – will meet even more of them tonight.

* Romania is cheap, average beer cost is about one pound twenty for draught to two pounds for good bottled beer, kebabs are about one pund forty and the nightclub entry 2 pounds.

* Romanians seem to like having fun and seem very warm and friendly to each other.

That wraps it for now.


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