A Pair of Zombie Stories

My local Nanowrimo group is running some challenges throughout this year via our facebook group. We are writing some short stories to keep in the nano mood and to continue the energy.

For me this is really helpful as I failed Nano last year down to being too damned busy to write. This was very demoralising and something that has been irking me greatly.

So the challenges are at least some blessed relief.

The idea is to write a story based on some similar conceptions. Our first challenge was 500-1000 words, the Zombie Apocalypse, Ed and Lucy and Blackpool.

We needed to write a story using those basic similarities. These are writing challenges to keep skills fresh and not great works of art (well mine are at the very least, I shouldn’t say that for others). I have decided that I will publish some of them to this blog.

So for the first challenge I wrote two pieces, and expect to see them soon on here.

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