Written in 365 Parts: 16: Feel Really Bad

Drick blinked a few times to clear some of the sleep from tired eyes and flicked the holo-display to mirror. Drick looked into their own tired eyes, noting that the bloodshot pattern did not complement the light grey of their irises. A slight smile at the thought of anyone who knew Drick’s private number would care how they looked and then they flicked the screen to the incoming call. It was Hooper and they looked less happy than a few hours before.



“Well we’ve established a naming routine once again. What have you got for me?”

“A chance to give this case up again, if you wish?”

“How so? And why would I? I told you I was intrigued.”

“Another legal team is asking for access and want their own investigator applied.”

“Who are they?”

“They’re not people I am that familiar with. Legals are from a large city firm, looks like they usually deal with corporate affairs, the investigator is an out of system individual. They are not here but will, I guess, be on their way. It was an impressive looking team. Six of them in very nice suits and they arrived in a private shuttle.”

“Well that is interesting. So someone with a lot of money is involved which makes me all the more curious.”

“Curiosity can get you killed.”

“So can getting in my way. Anyway like the old proverb I have a number of lives and a lot of satisfaction. What else do you have?”

“I got the report from the scene of the accident. Looks like they pulled your perp out of the rear, so they weren’t driving. Your legal is right now applying to have their K Tag dropped. Bloody legals, they haven’t even arrived here yet and they are already backing up my day with form filling.”

“That likely to happen? The tag drop?”

“I doubt it, still too many unknowns in this case at this point. I reckon the auto-judge is going to respond with a suspension of charge and not a dropped case.”

“That seems likely. No harm in trying though and it keeps Marsh locked in the system for a bit and out of my hair while I run errands. What else you got?”

“A bad feeling about all of this. The rest of the reports from the crime scene seem to say little. I think that someone is covering matters. Which would match how everything else stinks.”

“Well that’s peachy. I am looking at the reports now. Seems like the local security from that management company turned up with a significant number of organics and bots. That doesn’t seem usual or warranted. Thoughts?”

“It could be linked to the gangs that were reported.”

“Were they causing much issue on the upper levels?”

Hooper looked at their pad for a few moments, “nope. In fact the justice bots were only doing a low level sweep in pairs. No organic support as there was no immediate threat. So that’s another nicely odd touch.”

“You know I think that I might accelerate my investigations. Which gang was reported as being in the area closest to the crash?”

“Report says it was the Street Kings, got a few faces and names if that would be of use.”

“You know it would, you looking to get a meal as well as drinks out of me.”

“With the feeling I got in my stomach, this is going to cost you more than a dog and a jug.”

“Send me all the new details, and if you happen to have any views of those legals or the off-system investigator that would be helpful.”

“You don’t ask for much do you?”

“You know me, always a slim request as I hate the details. When have I ever been a bother?” Drick smiled sweetly and then burst into a grim laugh at the same time as Hooper did. “Feels like we are approaching atmosphere as the gravity is starting to kick in. Catch up later. Thanks Hooper.”

“Sure, later.”

“Oh and Hooper?”


“Be a little more discreet and watch your back. You’re right this is starting to feel really bad.”

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