Written in 365 Parts: 17: Surveillance

Drick walked through the Shuttle Terminal keeping an eye out for Krennar but also casually scanning the crowds. Drick had a growing sense that they were being watched, and maybe even followed, since clearing customs control a few minutes beforehand.

Drick was not surprised. It might not even be related to this particular case. They had made a number of enemies and there were plenty of people who likely felt that they would have cause to follow Drick. There was a significant likelihood that any investigator would acquire enemies. One of the primary functions of any insurance investigator was to save the insurance company money, or to make a claimant more money. Either way someone was going to pay for it and the investigator got more reward the more saving or cost involved. That attracted notoriety and aggression.

Not that Drick didn’t come to this particular game with a whole host of other baggage and people who would prefer Drick vaped or at the very least crippled or imprisoned.

Drick saw Krennar and moved toward them noting in the reflection from a vid screen that two other people, both nondescript in casual, but bulky, clothing change direction slightly and then take up positions to keep Drick and Krennar in sight. Drick had two friends at least to play with today, there were probably at least double that number if Drick were being made to estimate.

Krennar was sat at a coffee booth with three empty cups in front of them. They looked more tired and, although it felt impossible, more grumpy than earlier in the day. Drick sat down with their back to the wall so they could see Krennar and have a good view of everyone else as well.

“You took your time,” Krennar snarled.

“I wasn’t the one flying the shuttle, as well you know. You had my flight number, you could have tracked it and got here in time to meet it.”

“Yeah, well, I had stuff to do nearby and then couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else. Besides this is all expenses.”

“And tax deductible so you win both ways, am I right?”

“Wouldn’t be drinking this muck if it weren’t profitable somehow.”

“Did you get all the stuff I asked for?”

“Most of it is in the bag at my feet the rest I left in the hire vehicle.”

“Is either the vehicle or the parking paid for?”

“Nope. I will also be charging double for all of these extra services.”

“Of course you will. Were you followed here?”

“I was not. Or at least my personal surveillance service didn’t pick anything up. However I did file some documents on your perp, Marsh, while here and since then I have acquired that interesting looking organic sat opposite. They have a small droid with them and it has been attempting to monitor my communications and even this conversation.”

“That’s sweet. I assume the slight distortion I can see means that you have countermeasures including something to stop them lip reading.”

“Full set. Scramblers, sound nullifies, even, as you can see, a holo-projection that changes physical appearance, speech and limited movements.”

“Legals always have the best devices.”

“We are given special dispensation. Judiciary rules allows us to have private conversations with clients at any time. So we are allowed military grade counter surveillance technology.”

“What is happening with Marsh?”

“I am heading to interview them now. Just to get an understanding of the person. I have already had all material, including investigative material locked down so that we can inspect it first. I couldn’t get the charges dropped but they are being reviewed, we shall see what becomes of that. You know that someone else is pushing to have them as their legal representative with their own out of system investigator? I have been made a generous offer to move on with my life and leave this matter alone.”

“You thinking of taking it?”

“If it were anyone else I might have considered it for a while before refusing. I do have principles, but everyone has a price. I am not stupid enough, however, to ever think of failing you.”

“Aw, sweet.”

“You and I both know that it is only because you know where all the bodies are buried.”

“Of course, like the good little investigator I am, I did all the digging.”

“My shuttle is ready to leave. I assume you will be returning to justice central.”

“I will but not for at least twenty four hours if things pan out the way I expect.”

“Well I would advise you to be careful and discreet but that is almost the opposite of your usual modus operandi.”

“Ah, dead languages for the win.”

Drick watched Krennar walk towards the section of the port that housed private shuttles. After a moment the organic Krennar had identified stood and went the same way. From the look of their build and dress they were not carrying any weapon that could get past the door scanners. Krennar would be okay, especially since Krennar had a droid in stealth mode hovering over them. Drick wondered if the organic was aware that they were likely in a targeting sight the entire time.

Drick picked up the bag that Krennar had left and opened the front zipper after disabling the lock with a sweat print. There was a pass card for the executive bathroom and a passcard for a small hover vehicle. Drick had wondered where Krennar might have stowed the special items they needed to put on under the outfit they had in the bag.

Drick headed to the executive washroom noticing that they were wrong, there were at least eight people watching them.

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