Written in 365 Parts: 18: Enhancements

Drick walked out of the executive bathroom and noted that all eight of their new friends were in the same corridor. They had made a small effort to look like they belonged there but standing around in three small knots was not helping their cause. All of them looked apprehensive probably juiced up with at least their own adrenaline and if they had sense combat enhancing stimulants.

Drick had changed in the bathroom into a tight fitting combat jumpsuit that was fitted with a number of enhancements of its own. There were two major additions to a normal suit, energy absorption and gravity nullifiers. The energy absorption was effective against wave and pulse weaponry primarily, though it would also work on other energy types including kinetic. It wouldn’t stop a direct attack but it would take some of the force out of any impact. The gravity nullifiers were not powerful enough to let Drick float, though they would give Drick an effective one third of their normal weight.

Drick had specific differences in their biology from most organics, even those that had been significantly changed from a base human genotype. This was to give greater enhancement to specific skill sets as well as overall performance and durability.

Drick had a heightened set of senses such as sight, hearing, smell, touch, pressure, balance and gravity and could also detect toxins and changes in angle from enhanced sense of balance.

Internally Drick had a greater control over metabolic functions including adrenal and pituitary glands. Drick could control the excretion of chemicals in their bloodstream. Drick’s internal body composition included restructured cell functions and skeletal structure allowing more flexibility and a range of movement not possible to others.

Drick had been gifted, and they would have laughed if you said it that way, with extended life span due to cellular repair from a biologically enhanced metabolism and further gene alteration.

Drick had been operated on post birth as well to further reduce exposure to damage. Most of Drick’s organs had been enhanced or altered to give latent functions and redundancy. Drick could function with many of their organs shut down or in a far reduced capacity. Drick could resist higher pressures, gravity, radiation and toxic exposure allowing for navigation in harsh environments.

These pre- and post-fetal changes were only a part of what made Drick different. There was a specific path chosen that Drick had spent nearly one hundred and sixty years undertaking that gave them decades more experience than the combined group that had been sent here.

Drick smiled and swept their head slowly from one direction to the other taking in all of the people in the corridor. “I’m ready when you’re ready,” Drick said with a slight smile, “time, I believe, for a lesson to be taught.”

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