Written in 365 Parts: 19: Delivery of Intent

The officer closed Drick’s file. They would be landing soon so it was time to act and not dig deeper into all the missing parts of the narrative they just perused.

Most of it was speculation or here say, anyway.

They were specifically trained. they were judicial approved. They served at redacted locations and did things that were never reported. Same old. Same old. Clearly they were a grown and altered combat model. Clearly they were trouble. But that was not an issue. The officer had noted their tank date. They were an old model. Obsolete.

The officer looked through the database of non company connections and then smiled. They should have thought of this particular connection straight away. They would be optimal. Let us see how the ordained item currently masquerading as Drick faced against a specialist team. They keyed in the personal ident address to initiate a verbal only comlink and were only mildly surprised at the immediate response.

“You have my attention.”

A pause and an intake of breath. The officer in charge hated talking to this particular intellect. They were a microbe, an amoeba, an insignificance, but a useful one. “good, I have a task for you.”

“That is apparent, otherwise you would not have contacted me. We do not have a social narrative.”

“Obviously.” In truth the officer would rather pull their own eyelids from their face than have anything but a clinical relationship with this thing. They tried to keep calm and breathe deeply removing any sense of disgust and dismay. The intellect was a construct. A personality. Once perhaps they may have been an organic but that was before enhancements and downloads to many forms. Switching over a century, or greater, between flesh and electrons had made them a creature. An algorithm that replicated life.

True they once were grown and birthed as any other organic but the shift from electronic only to cellular relationships as a base source for understanding had taken something from them. Maybe the dramas of ancient ages were right. Maybe the energy activity that recorded image stole the soul. When you passed from form to form a little piece of you was lost. It was certainly true of the intellect they had contacted.

“I have work I need you to perform. It will require a significant lesson but it will have to be discreet.”

A glare, “Who. Cease with the extraneous verbiage.”

“They go by the current disposition of Drick and will be landing at south-east quadrant in a justice central shuttle in forty-five minutes. Do you have the resources and capabilities.”

“I will send two operatives. The spaceport is heavily monitored. We will only be able to engage with low level force. Though that is only the method and not the outcome. What is your desire.?”

The officer smiled. “My personal desire is termination with extreme prejudice. But the order I must convey to you is to ensure they do not pursue the current activities. You should be warned that they were tanked as a military grade. Specifically enhanced.”

“That will cost extra. I will send double my usual team.”

“Your usual team is only two. Send quadruple at minimum.”

“That is excessive and will draw attention. So many people increases the chance of secondary and tertiary witness and detection.”

“It will be taken care of. As will the extra fee. If there is a misunderstanding of a stop to their activities then terminate with prejudice and I will ensure that this is covered.”

“I do not care for mere assurances. I require a claim identity so that I have a legal route to pursue with your authority.”

The officer glared, trust was irrelevant this identity only dealt in cold assurances. They ran the request through processing and noted it was the assistant to the commander who authorised and notarised the request. “here is your authority and claim route. You are covered. Do not fail.”

“Failure will not occur. It is one organic. No matter how well they are trained or altered the four teams I will be dispatching will deliver your intentions.”

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