Written in 365 Parts: 22: Retrieve All Footage

Drick closed the door to the private wash room inside the executive toilets and turned on the military grade scrambler that was in their pack. Once the signal had achieved a steady blocking pattern ensuring a high-degree of privacy Drick opened up a link on a comms implant and waited for the answer.

Drick was using a text-based communication transfer so prepped their thoughts for using the internal speech to type translator. This was an onerous task as the translator Drick had implanted was a very early model. One day they would get it updated beyond being flashed for new words, phrases or languages.

“Waiting.” The first message from Drick’s contact scrolled across the retina display and then auto-deleted itself from all records and logs. This was the preferred communication method of a Slicer called Rodero.

“Landing section thirty seven, executive corridor, less than two minutes ago, retrieve all footage and identify subjects. If possible track currently fleeing subjects. Alter any identifiable element leading to subject who exited or returned to the executive washroom in the previous thirty minutes from this time stamp.”

“Understood.” a long pause, “that has been set in motion and I am receiving all footage. Do you require copies?”

“Yes. To the usual location. I have other work for you.”


“I am uploading a complete data package to the shared area. I want it analysed as much as possible. As many connected details that can be recovered will be appreciated.”

“How will payment be made?”

“You have access to the appropriate account. Take what is needed.”

“You are always so trusting.”

“I know how to find you.”

“Anything else?”

“Clear your workload for the next forty eight hours, at least, I am sure to have more work . To start I want all information you can gain on Volstron Services and Yee On Kline. I don’t need any conjecture or hyperbole, just what can be proven, or reasonably proven.”

“It will be done.”

Drick closed the connection and took a deep breath, not to take a little plunge down a rabbit hole.

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