Written in 365 Parts: 50: Glimpses of Things

“It’s confused, messed up, mostly it is just glimpses of something. I don’t know.” Marsh stood and paced across the room.

“Just relax, it isn’t important for you to recall everything at once,” Krennar said calmly, “just give me anything you can, doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not.”

“Okay,” Marsh sat down on the large pleather couch. “I have a feeling that the walls were lit. That’s the first big impression as they were white, I mean really white, luminous.” Marsh paused and brows knotted in concentration, “the floor was light grey, I think, and I am sure that there were symbols on it, maybe they lit up, they were orange and some were an aqua, does that make sense?”

“Perfectly, many buildings use floor panels that have directions or room indicators on them. They are used as information screens. The walls being lit is also very common in many buildings, it allows three hundred and sixty degree light without any single light points, reduced glare and shadows. Please continue and don’t feel concerned about asking questions.”

“That’s all I have for that image, or memory. The rest of that time is unclear, I have a feeling like I couldn’t think and I feel like someone was helping me to move about, in fact I am fairly sure it was more than one person. But that’s just a guess.”

“What’s the next image that you can remember?”

“It was voices, we were in maybe a small room, all metal maybe, and I feel like there was a humming and a vibrating.”

“Did you feel slightly weightless?”

“I felt something, maybe that.  A little sick or dizzy.”

“Could it have been an elevator? The tallest of buildings on this world have very powerful elevators that have a slight sense of weightlessness, especially those that service the low orbit platforms. They use magnetic induction for the propulsion and braking and it makes a distinct humming.”

“Then I suppose that could be it. What’s a low orbit platform?”

“We have large platforms that are sat in a geostationary orbit. Many companies and organisations use them for their various industrial pursuits. It allows organisations to conduct work without breaching any of the laws that are present on the ground. There is also a great deal of privacy. Some of the other platforms serve as large housing estates, they satisfy both spectrums of the market from the cubicles of the low paid to the garden platforms of the rich. Elevators tether them to the world and also allow them to stay in orbit, we use gravity control to negate the various forces.”

“Jeez that’s mad, but not the maddest thing I have heard. Anyway, one of the voices said something, something like we only have a window and the other said that the decoy was ready.“

“Is that what made you think there were three people in the vehicle?”

“No, that’s a different image. I am not sure how many people were in the small room, or elevator, whatever the heck it was.”

“I see. Please carry on, did you hear anything else? The window by the way could be a time period, or maybe an orbit return or similar.”

“Could be an actual window, you know, glass thing that you look out of.”


“So that  is all I recall for a little while, I think I must have blanked out again as the next I can remember is of someone leaning over me, there was a strong hand on my chest holding me down and they said they had given me something. But I don’t know what that means as I don’t know what I had on me when I was arrested.”

“Very little aside from a weapon I am afraid. I doubt they gave you a weapon in your confused state. Maybe it was a message, or a stimulant to wake you?”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Anyway that’s when we were in the vehicle, we were racing past a few other vehicles. It didn’t feel real as the vehicle was rocking gently and seemed able to go over others.”

“Yes, it was an unrestricted hover vehicle, able to move in height and over traffic. The driver must have had either a pilot’s licence or pilot training to be able to do such maneuvers.”

“Well the other person was in the back of the vehicle, with me. They were looking behind us and then I am fairly sure they leaned out of the vehicle. That was very confusing as I imagined their head was on fire, a sort of purple green.”

“Interesting, that would likely be a plasma weapon discharging. They are fairly distinct and there is a possibility that such an intense blast would be picked up on distant sensors. I will have someone look into that.” Krennar made a quick comms message.

“That’s all I can recall for now. There’s more but I feel very confused about it. I need a little more time.”

“That’s not a problem. You have given me enough information that I can start building a profile, the tiny pieces of detail are going to help us rule out possibilities which will narrow our search for what happened and where. With luck we may help you work out the events leading up to your arrest. That is what we are currently pursuing. I am also making sure that we have as much other data as we can. I should have received the initial medical reports by now. Perhaps it has been a busy night. I will contact Officer Hooper and find out if the reports have been filed.”

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