Written in 365 Parts: 57: Favours

Drick opened up another comms, this took a few seconds to initiate as a fast link was made available. The call was to Judicial Central, there would be a time delay of a few seconds due to distance but otherwise it would be the same as a local link.

There was a long pause before the call was picked up at the other end and Drick was staring at the tired looking face of Krennar. “Krennar, did I disturb you?”

“No. I have been awaiting your comms.”

“The line took a moment or two to pick up, is it busy there?”

“No. I ran an extra set of traces and blocks on the line before picking up.”

“Really? Why? Is there an issue?”

“A slight one, yes. I think that there is a possibility that communications and movements are being monitored. I had an interesting call from Hooper and it ended in a singularly evocative manner. It suggests to me that someone was listening in, and they must be an officer of the judiciary to do so, as it was on a secure internal network.”

“Oh joys. Well that just adds to the list of issues. How is Marsh?”

“In a troubled state of mind and most agitated. Hardly surprising if we are to believe the story that they tell.”

“I have no cause to doubt they are telling what they think is the truth. Did you learn anything?”

“Yes, a few things. I have made a small report which I will transfer now, there is one startling revelation.”

“Which is?”

“There were three people in the vehicle originally. Marsh claims, and I believe them, that two people took them from wherever they were being kept, which may be a platform from the description given. It is all in the file I have sent. However you may want to focus on finding the third person as a matter of importance. If they did exist then it will be likely that whomever is covering matters will want them.”

“I’ll get to it. Look I have some things I will need you to do. I really need to get Marsh moved as soon as possible. There being an issue in Judiciary is one part of a bigger problem, if the other legal team manages to get possession of the case they will snatch Marsh from us. I can’t let that happen.”

“Then I will have to manipulate a way to get them into my custody. I do still have a few favours I could call in, but this is going to be expensive for me personally, and not easily repaid in credit.”

Drick sighed, “looks like everyone needs a problem solving or a future bankable as well as a bounty today. Very well, Krennar, I will cover the favours you pull with ones you can call from me.”

“Good. I know a member of the Judicial Oversight Committee. I may be able to get them to grant me custody. I will let you know in due course whichever way this goes.”

“Thanks. Oh, and keep up the pressure on Marsh, the more they can remember and tell us the better we will be. I will also need a few other small matters covering, including a watertight legal option for evidence that might be obtained by illegal means.”

“What type of evidence and what crime?”

“Data, financial records for some part and confessional tapes. The crime to get them will probably be trespass, aggravated bodily harm and theft.”


“Apparently so. It is half of a package of things I have to perform to cover some other issues and future insurances.”

“Are you sure this one organic is worth all this trouble.”

“No. But what exactly is the value of a human?”

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