Written in 365 Parts: 61: Falling Down

Drick landed in the dead centre of the dance floor bending legs to take the impact which was drastically lessened by the suits neutralisers. Drick felt the strong tug of the artificial gravity generator below their feet. The main unit that provided the dome with its unique dancing surface was directly below the apex. The plans for this building flashed onto Drick’s retina showing the main power conduit, it was less than one metre to the left.

Drick took a small canister from a jacket pocket and stuck it to the ground. By now the security forces below would have started to ascend the elevators and would also be scanning for Drick’s form with sensors. Drick activated the cannister on the ground above the power cable and stepped quickly backwards as a spray of sparks erupted from the bottom of the device. In moments a hole nearly sixty centimetres across was bubbling below the canister and then the whole of the ceiling fell inwards. 

Drick started to move at a low crouch through the crowd, they had to move slowly as the weight neutralisers were turned to maximum, it would only be a moment before the action got busy. There was a feed being relayed to Drick’s eyes from the well positioned angels in the club. Drick took note of the sixteen guards the angels could see who had moved into various positions. 

A moment later and a new feed was overlaid showing the position of all the club’s staff by their comms units. Rodero had managed to hack into the club’s security feeds. Drick smiled and was rewarded with a sudden explosion from the centre of the ceiling. The acid bomb had worked its way to the power units and eaten right through them. It was a moment in which time seemed to hold its breath and then the entire of the dance floor was suddenly filled with people falling from it.

This was just as Drick planned. The falling people would now be the highest priority to the nightclub’s computer systems. It would focus all of its efforts on tracking and catching the falling people using emergency systems. It was a common occurrence for people to fall from an inversion elevator while drunk, so clubs like this had emergency devices that could slow a falling body. However slowing several hundred and working out the most logical and safe way to do that would require a lot of processing power. Safety systems overrode security systems. The club’s security would be crippled for at least thirty seconds. Drick would have to use that to the best possible advantage.

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