Written in 365 parts: 66: You Will Achieve Nothing

The lights in the elevator came back on full, and the emergency lighting went out, as the power relays were restored to the building. Drick checked the internal chronometer for the encounter. It was running at just a little over three minutes since Drick had entered through the doors above. The clubs alarm systems would have informed the local judiciary station of an issue at the venue, but Drick was monitoring their response and they were still four minutes away. Far more interesting would be private security. If they were lucky Drick’s team had maybe ninety seconds before outside help arrived. That was not a lot of time to get away but it was possible.

 â€œYou’re a dead person, you know that?” the target spat into Drick’s visor, they were visibly shaking with anger.

Drick cocked their head to one side, “it is most likely someone is going to kill me, that is certain. But you will not be the one to do it.” 

“You think killing me is going to achieve anything?” they snarled and laughed.


“Then surrender. You are a dead person. But if you give yourself and your companions up I will make it quick for you. I may even just cripple those who are helping you.”

“That’s not going to happen. As you already indicated I am a dead person and quick or slow it has the same outcome, so why would I consider any offer you present.” Drick plugged a hard-wired jack into the elevator’s interface which was a direct link to the system command pad. This gave Drick an uninterruptible connection and allowed Rodero access using Drick’s internal uplink. 

The minute that the security had been triggered, this entire section was transferred to a special security system. It wasn’t easily accessible to the other systems in the club and almost unbreachable except via a direct route such as this.

“Then what is your big plan? Doesn’t matter if you hack lifts and doors, you are not getting out of this shaft.”

“You’ll discover. Let’s just say that since I am marked for termination that maybe I intend to take the fight and bring down as much of the opposition as possible. I am an extremely resourceful individual and I have a lot of influence to bear.”

“Then use it wisely and save yourself if you can.”

“No. I also want to know as much as possible.”

“Well you will not get anything from me.”

“I never said I needed anything from you. All that you know is already in my possession.”

“I sincerely doubt that.”

The elevator jerked into sudden life and continued its descent to the garage level. The man suddenly laughed. “You realise that’s my private garage. I have at least twenty of my best people down there. When the doors open they will riddle you with shots.”

“Fair enough,” said Drick. As the elevator slowed Drick made sure to move the target to one side so Drick could face the doorway alone, “don’t want you to get hurt.”

“You’re brave, I have to give you that. Dumb as lizard cack, but brave.”

The doors opened slowly and Drick turned the visor to stare at the man, “there were eleven guards in your private garage,” Drick said as they stepped out and nodded at Boomer, “silence and wrap that piece of shit for me will you.”

“Gladly,” said Boomer firing a jet of paralysing darts right into the target’s neck and chest.

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