Written in 365 Parts: 77: Waiting for the Prey to Come

Hooper was sat uncomfortably still. They had been uncomfortable for hours, still for even longer, and the two facts were connected. They had known this would be the case which is why Hooper had sensibly taken drugs to numb parts of their frame before getting into the uncomfortable position that they currently occupied.

Hooper looked at a chronograph. They had just passed the twelve hour point since getting into this tightly confined space. What were they thinking when they got in here? For about the thousandth time they contemplated getting out of the box they were in and taking a long stretch and a few well aimed punches at a simulation of Drick in an internal screen. For about the same number of times they took a deep suck on the air in the environment mask and checked over all the systems.

In any other circumstances they would have used observation remotes, sensors and maybe an underling to watch said outputs from such devices. On any other mission they wouldn’t be facing someone who probably had access to the same resources as Hooper.

Anything Hooper could obtain in the way of monitoring device, personnel and other resources the quarry would have. Which meant that they could detect any devices and view any requests to personnel. It also meant that they could be frightened away and Hooper desperately needed to avoid doing that.

So the observation had to be subtle. It had to use virtually no detectable devices. It meant that Hooper was currently squatting in an environment suit that gave off no heat. In a box that had no atmosphere. In a place that was heavily refrigerated. The box Hooper squatted in, uncomfortably, normally held parts. Organic parts. It was refrigerated as this was the morgue of a very select private company. 

Hooper was waiting here as they had a hunch that someone was going to break into this place. Someone was going to have to identify two corpses just to make sure they were really dead, and they didn’t have a chance to do that at Judicial Central. 

Hooper was hoping that someone who was going to have to break in here was connected, or at least worth trailing. Hooper needed evidence and not just hunches 

So they sat in a cold, airless, box. In the morgue of the private medical company. And they waited for the prey to come.

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