Way of Whatever

This is a short post about the new Avatar film, Way of Water, but a few considerations:

  • I haven’t seen the movie!
  • I like James Cameron films, generally.
  • I saw the first film and thought it was okay.

I am unlikely to watch this movie in the cinema. I know, I know it is important to support movies and the industry; I know the best way to see it is immersive experience (preferably IMAX). But, I just can’t bring myself to watch it.

I saw the first Avatar at an IMAX cinema. I thought it was a breathtaking achievement in both 3D filmograpy and directorial ability. I also thought it was about 2hrs too long as there was zero real story. So, the idea of returning to a cinema in an experience for two people that is going to cost, with travel, at least 50 pounds (GBP) films me with zero enthusiasm.

This is also because I pay for a Disney subscription so will just wait and watch it there. i know I will be seeing it in less than perfect circumstances. But I will also be investing almost zero extra cash, and a shorter percentage of my time, on something that may push cinematic boundaries in cgi and 3D direction and offer precious little else.

I feel it is the type of movie that we will all be subjected to when the computers do all the writing/directing and everything else…

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