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2018 Exercise Stats

At the start of 2018 I was on a slight bit of a downer. I had spent most of 2017 dropping around a quarter of my body weight in a diet and exercise routine that saw me go from unable to run to a 5Km a day guy. However late November to after New Year I hit the winter doldrums, threw on 20lbs of the 65 that I had lost and felt like a failure.

I decided that I would reset in 2018. And so I set my mind to once again getting into shape, getting out and running (when it was bright and warmer) and using the gym on dark and cold mornings.

I also decided to once more monitor my progress os that I could do a yearly update on the stats and figures.

Some More Notes

For the start of the year the figures were low as I had to build my dedication and rebuild my ability to do any length of exercise. I had a low point in February (pretty much from half way through the month until early March due to a minor elective operation that prevented me doing strenuous exercise for five weeks.

I also had a period in December where I was ill with the Flu for eleven days, this also made it impossible for me to exercise.

In November I bought a treadmill and use that in the early mornings and late evenings of the Autumn to early spring as I rarely like to run when it is dark, wet and cold (i don’t find it fun running on my own at those times).

The Stats

So lets look at the numbers and charts:

As you can see the middle of summer (August) was my best month, but the whole of the second half of the year is good. My averages before this were about 10K a day, after they were 20K steps a day. The whole year averages at 16k steps a day.

Heart points are interesting. The UN WHO recommends that you do a minimum of 20 a day and 150 a week. These equate to aerobic or cardio points where you are increasing your activity and exercising. On most days recently I exceed the weekly average before breakfast on each day (I usually exercise in the early mornings). This is mostly because I will use a treadmill or run for 90 to 120 minutes.


It’s been a fun year of restarting my exercise and weight management regime. I reached a comfortable place in August which sees my weight mostly level going up and down a little each month. On the whole year I have lost over 2 stone and that has placed me at a point I am happy with. I also love being able to exercise at home when the weather is inclement or I have no mood for the outdoors (I get more stimulation at home).

The plans for 2019 are to see if i can keep the same sort of activity levels while focussing on getting my overall fat content down (still a little high and I would love to see less body fat as a whole). I also think i might try and focus a little on tightening the abdomen.

I will let you know how it went in 2020.

Analysis Goals

Goal Stats

This is an update to the post on this year’s goals that I published back in March. One of the goals I set for the year was to lose weight. I have been working hard to achieve this goal and it has taken considerable will power. I have:

  • Started exercising on most days, in fact I run almost every morning.
  • Watch how much I eat by counting the food intake, but sticking to sensible limits as defined from the NHS website (no calorific reduction to approved intake – 2250 calories) – I use the myfitness app.
  • Changed my diet to have a lot more fruit, vegetables, fish and fewer sugary foods.
  • Try to get a balanced diet of fats/carbs/proteins, again no specific Ketogenic/Atkinsons or Paleo stuff, just balanced eating using the myfitness app. to monitor.
  • Reduced my alcohol intake and switched from Lager/Cider and predominately white wine to real ales, red wine and spirits with low calorie mixers.

So what are the stats so far I hear you cry. Well I have a few for you that I would like to list.


136  –  Days Counted


18st 1lb/114.759kg  –  starting weight

14st 3lb/90.265kg – current weight

3st 10lb (52lb)/24.5kg – weight lost

32.9 – Starting BMI (Obese)

26.8 – Current BMI (Overweight – but not by much)

The loss of close to 4 stone (26kg) feels great.

Body Measurements

Body Part / Starting / Current
(all measurements in Inches as the British are random like that)

Neck / 19.5 / 15.9

Chest / 48.6 / 42.5

Waist / 45.5 / 36.5

Hips / 44 / 41

So I have taken a huge 8 inches or 20cm from my waist, which I am very happy about.

As mentioned above I run on most days and walk a lot more than I did last year. An average month last Autumn saw me doing between 220 – 260,000 steps or between 8 – 10,000 steps a day – which is okay but I do like walking and try to whenever I can.

This year I have increased that by about 50%, in fact I have a couple of charts for you to look at below.

My average daily step count is between 17-20,000 steps now which is about double from the previous year. You might notice that the column which shows the percentage of my step count from running has increased from below one fifth to about one third of my monthly average. A last couple of stats I want to share with you are to do with the step count and specifically the running.

When I started in January I could manage to run for 2-3 minutes before being very out of breath with a heart rate that was high. I wear a heart monitor and regularly check my stats so I can give these now:


Heart Rate (running): 172-185

Speed: 8-8.5Kmph

Resting Heart Rate: 78-83

Blood Pressure: 135-145 over 85-98 – avg 132 over 86
(Very high end of acceptable, this was bad but it was still lower than last October where I was actually hypertense all the time)

SPO2: 95-97% – avg 96%

Distance: 3.5Km in 36mins
(walking and running 22 mins walk to 16 mins run)


Heart Rate (running): 155-162

Speed: 9.2-10.5 Kmph

Resting Heart Rate: 61

Blood Pressure: 115 over 83 avg.

SPO2: 98-100% – avg 99%

Distance: 6.3Km in 41mins
(walking and running 5 mins walk to 36 mins run)

I have managed to complete the Couch to 5K challenge, can run with a steady pace that makes me breathe fast and a little breathless but I am not out of breath. I have done a few longer runs of 45-55mins in length and managed 8-9.5 Km before feeling too tired to continue.

I never thought I would run as long and as steady and have until now never run as far. My longest run that I can recall, even as a child, was 25mins and I completed about 3.3 Km.

And a final piece is a couple of photos. The first was me in December:


And this is me about 2 weeks ago with my youngest child.

Feeling pretty different and a lot happier about my weight.* And there have been lots of nice comments about how I look, my favourite was only yesterday.

‘You have gone from the respectable looking businessman who likes his lunches to a wiry goat’ (Thanks Kay 🙂 ).

-Exunt: Chased by a bear**

*Which makes up for all the other sadness I feel at the moment which I mentioned in 2 previous posts Doughnut 1 and Doughnut 2.

** At least these days I might be able to out-distance the bugger.