Walk to work

Okay it is a pretty boring title, but it does explain the post rather well, so there we have it.

I took a long walk to work this morning, well longish, instead of walking through the city centre, I took a walk along the river to the aquaduct where I joined the canal that runs along the back of Lancaster and right past the offices. The walk is about 5km and is quiet and on a great autumnal day like today it is a refreshing way to clear the cobwebs out of the synapses and contremplate the tasks of the week.

I took a few photos, the best of which are below for your pleasure.

The bridge near to the Golf Course

I liked the reflection

Sunlight causing light trails

There were a lot of birds sunning themselves


Entering the area with former industrial buildings

Loved the angles in this bridge, I will have to revisit this and take more photos

The Roman Catholic Cathedral and ducks on the canal

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