Mountains of Things

I read a recent article that I shared on Socia Media about just turning up. The main thrust of this is that you need to do something each day in order to move forward. The article was in particular reference to lethargy, which can also be depression or demotivation.

It was a little coincidental as I also attended a Social Media workshop (I know, it sounds like a waste of time, but the presenters were very good and I learned a great deal). In that workshop they also stressed the need for doing something each day. There reference was business connections and interaction.

However, the main principles seem to be the same.

1. By making a targetted list we can have achievements and they give a value to what we are doing.

2. It need not be a major accomplishments. In fact it is better to break tasks into small chunks to give little victories that are doable no matter what the circumstances. It is easier to find 10 minutes, or motivate for a 10 minute task, than an hour.

3. You must do something every day. This is psycholoigically benificial as it gives a sense of value as you consistently achieve. It also allows you to keep momentum and pace.

4. Don’t restrict what is a task and what isn’t a task. Almost every chore you need to do, every small thing that gives a benefit in some way to someone, is a task. So you may only benefit by getting it done, such as introducing two of your contacts to each other to benefit them. The importance is in achieving, and there is no bad side to getting people connected, at the very least you have helped someone. That has real value.

So I have decided that I should try this approach. I will be making a task list of lots of tiny tasks that I should repeat regularly and then making a chart of what gets done.

I realised my life is filled with too many variables, small children being the biggest factor, to assign strict time slots to specific tasks. Better to have a large list of potential tasks and then find the most appropriate one by circumstance. If I keep a record of which tasks are done I can ensure the frequency of occurance is appropriate for each task.

One of the tasks was making sure I write as regularly as I can, not just blogs. But a little piece of writing each day if possible.

This was one of them, it took two sessions on two days. But it is marked as done 🙂

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