Written in 365 Parts: 38: And You Are?

“Hey Krennar,” said Hooper as they walked towards the legal, “how are you? Long time and no see.”

“That is an odd question,” Krennar replied, “we saw each other on the Vanucci case less than twelve standard days ago. Do you not recall that we spoke at some length on the trivial aspects of your family life?”

“Sure,” said Hooper an easy smile on their face, “I meant in person, as in not a hologram of you.”

“Ah, yes. Then it has been some period of months since we were last in the same physical location as a pair of organic creatures. I believe that time also involved our less than desirable mutual accomplice. It is a strange facet of our collusion that it involves that particular entity infrequently and yet it feels like too often.”

“Indeed, it is. You know it is like we never get out to be just good friends anymore, shoot laughs and have a few craps, or did I get those the wrong way round?”

“I am not sure we ever shot craps together, or laughs.”

“Oh come on now. What about the time that you were arrested for a potential grand larceny and I was almost kicked off the planet, that was so funny. Or the time that we had to circumnavigate not just the letter of the law but a whole bar full of spirit as well. That was a whole mess of crap in my opinion.”

“Well there has certainly been times when we have been called upon to do what can be considered less than desirable deeds.”

“You have a real pretty way of saying we were shafted by a herd of oxen with less than social sexual manners.”

Krennar smiled, it wasn’t hard to like Hooper. “Well, to change the subject, and dispense with this ever mind widening series of poor taste metaphors, there are a number of matters that we need to discuss.” Krennar looked at the other officer who was hovering a short distance away and studying a data pad intently. “Are you working with someone?” they asked Hooper.

“Not directly,” Hooper turned and studied the new officer. Krennar noticed Hooper’s stance stiffen slightly, not much but it was there, they were not expecting to see this person, that was clear but there could be something else. “Hello Perf, what can I do for you?”

The officer smiled, “Hey Hooper I didn’t realise you were meeting someone in here I was just hoping to catch up with you and go through a bunch of small things. Mostly to do with upcoming season and subscriptions. Heck you know how I am, I like to keep everything running smoothly by bugging everyone well in advance. If you want I can shoot off and annoy you later? Or if you are not going to be long I can wait around here and do this when you’re finished with your legal friend here?”

“Well I don’t know how long I will be?” said Hooper.

“I shouldn’t take much of your time,” said Krennar, “my client dislikes paying.”

“Hi,” said Perf holding an outstretched hand to Krennar, “call me Perf, most people don’t bother with the desk officer bit.”

Krennar looked down at the outstretched arm and smiled in a manner that suggested someone had held out a steaming lump of faeces to hold but you were too socially polite to mention. “Forgive me, Perf, but I rarely touch. I do not find the sensation of other’s flesh pleasurable.”

“Must make it hard on your partners,” laughed Perf in a gentle mocking fashion.

“No. Not really,” said Krennar abruptly, “perhaps we should continue this conversation later Officer Hooper. I must go to my client’s business anyway. I will contact you for an audience.”

“Sure,” said Hooper in a slightly odd tone watching Krennar’s face, “catch you later.”

“Don’t go on my account,” said Perf quickly.

“Please,” said Krennar softly, “don’t consider it any matter of your doing. I am a very busy person and I allot exact times to matters. This is all my modus operandi. Consider it my blame. I will talk later Officer Hooper. Nice to have met you Desk Officer Perf.”

Krennar turned and walked smoothly, but with no haste, towards the doorway that led to the secure holding rooms. They would no doubt be some interesting questions from Officer Hooper later, but for now Krennar merely wanted to leave the presence of both of the officers and check on the status of Marsh.

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